The core competency of DSC Appraisal Associates, Inc. is the ability to apply the basic tenets of the appraisal profession to complex businesses and intangible assets. We provide valuations for financial statement reporting, mergers and acquisitions, fairness and solvency opinions, corporate reorganizations, and U.S. and international tax planning purposes. We are recognized for structuring innovative valuation solutions and are dedicated to providing superior client service.

For business combinations, DSC is a leading independent appraisal firm specializing in the valuation of identifiable intangible assets. In addition, we are experienced at related valuation projects, such as appraisals of common and preferred equity, options/warrants, and other derivative securities.

Purchase Price Allocations & Impairment Testing
For both U.S. and international accounting standards, goodwill resulting from acquisitions is no longer amortized, but shall be tested regularly for impairment. Impairment is a condition that exists when the carrying amount of goodwill exceeds its implied fair value. Most other identifiable intangible assets will continue to be capitalized and amortized over their useful lives.

To that end, we are experienced at:

Identifying and valuing acquired intangible assets and liabilities pursuant to SFAS No. 141R/142/157 and IFRS No. 3/IAS No. 36

Estimating the appropriate remaining economic lives of the acquired assets for financial statement reporting purposes
Providing guidance on footnote and MD&A disclosure language
Assisting with responses to SEC Comments

The recorded costs of capitalized intangible assets should be amortized by a systematic charge to income over the periods in which the assets are expected to generate benefit.

Examples of intangible assets appraised by DSC include:
Computer databases and World Wide Web content
Customer-related intangible assets
Employment contracts and covenants not to compete
In-Process Research and Development
Intellectual property
Licenses, permits, or other rights
Order or production backlog
Supplier-based intangibles

Technology and know-how, including patents, copyrights, formulas, processes, designs, patterns, format, or similar items
Trademarks and tradenames

Equity & Derivatives Valuations
DSC provides value opinions of equity interests for mergers and acquisitions, financial statement reporting (including stock options, restricted stock and other equity-based awards), estate and gift taxes, corporate reorganizations, and tax planning purposes. We apply methods commonly used to develop indications of value for an asset: the Income, Market, and Cost approaches. Moreover, we consider the appropriate discount/premium to recognize marketability and control elements inherent in the subject interest.

We undertake the necessary diligence to determine that we have no relationship through employment, ownership, contractual right, family relationship or otherwise including conflicts or mutuality of interest or ownership, with either our clients or their financial advisors.